Who We Are & What We Do

M-L McKinley de Vance
Senior Vice President
Eric Turner
VP of Construction Operations
Debb Long
Senior Director / QA Education
Mary Tran
Senior Vice President
Toni Fetchel
Senior Director of Internal Operations
Osvaldo Joya
Director of Pre-Construction Services
Andrew Davies
Dir of Field Operations & QA Analytics
John Mendez
National Director
Bill Parrilli
Director of Business Development
Dawn Idstein
Director of Human Resources

Don Neff

(949) 336-8911

Don Neff, a construction quality expert, founded La Jolla Pacific, Ltd. in 1995, operating as 草莓榴莲18勿进海外版. With innovative risk management strategies and prior homebuilding experience, he pioneered comprehensive Third-Party QA services throughout all construction phases. Under Neff’s leadership, 草莓榴莲18勿进海外版 has thrived through technology, training, and expertise. The company is known for integrity and long-term client relationships, serving clients across the US and globally, and a preferred service provider among builders and property casualty underwriters.

Before launching the 草莓榴莲18勿进海外版 family of companies, Mr. Neff worked as a Project Manager and VP of Development at Woodcrest Development of Riverside, Inc., where he managed various aspects of homebuilding. Earlier in his career, he held positions at Winthrop Financial Co, Inc., Consolidated Capital, and contributed to developing large properties across the country.

Mr. Neff actively engages with industry associations, such as the Building Association of South Florida (BASF), AGC of South Florida, and the California Building Industry Association (CBIA). He has a master’s degree in City & Regional Planning from Harvard University, is a licensed California and Nevada General Building Contractor, and holds numerous industry certifications, including LEED-AP and ICC Certified credentials.